Brittany's Top 5 Products in My Clutch at a Wedding

By: Brittany Lo, Wedding/Beauty Expert & Founder of Beautini

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Weddings are incredibly fun to attend and be a part of but they can be looong! Starting with the ceremony as early at noon and the reception ending as late at 2AM, it’s definitely an event you want to be prepared for. After going to my good share of weddings and thinking about products I wish I had while sweating on the dance floor, I have created a list of must have products to bring with you for every wedding or formal event. These all are pretty small or come in sample sizes so they can fit into your clutch and be with you for whenever you may need it!

As the night of dancing goes on, it's nice to have these little sheets to remove excess oils so you can get the best dance floor photos all night long! These are lightweight and very easy to pack so it will hardly take up space, as well.


Having a concealer stick allows you to brighten up your under eyes as eyeliner falls throughout the day. The consistency of a stick will also make sure nothing leaks into your clutch! This product is perfect to clean up any lip smudges, brighten the under eyes, hide blemishes and can act as foundation if you need any extra coverage through the night.

  • 3. Lipstick or Gloss:

Carrying your lipstick that you applied in the morning or a gloss that matches is key to have. Between eating and drinking you will probably find yourself searching for this product a handful of times throughout the night. In addition, as the night goes on, I feel less inclined to constantly reapply a lipstick so if I can find a gloss that is similar it helps to smooth out your lip color to last through the evening!

  • 4. Sample Size Perfume:

From an outside ceremony to an inside reception to a late night bar, you’ll be a mix of hot and cold temperatures so always try to pack a little perfume to ensure no matter where the night may lead that you aren’t worrying about how you smell! 

  • 5. Bobby Pins:

Extra bobby pins allow you to pull your hair back or re-fasten your updo after you start dancing. If you forget to pack them with you, ask the hair stylists in the morning for a few extra or try looking in a basket located in the bathroom, as chances are they will have some!

I hope you enjoy bringing these products to the next wedding you attend or are a part of! If you have these handful of products in your clutch, you will be well prepared for any wedding and looking photo ready from start to finish! 


Brittany Lo