Top 5 Margarita Happy Hour Spots in NYC

(To help you Celebrate National Margarita Day and not go broke while doing it)

By Danielle DeSantis

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To be honest, if there was a Chili's in NYC I would go there all the time. However, there's not and I know you're sad about it too, so I made you this list. Now you're judging me and I've only written two sentences. But if you don’t love Chili’s Presidente Margarita (which comes with your own personal shaker) you can just f*$# off. Anyways, I digress. This is a list for anyone who isn’t trying to spend $25 per margarita in the Meatpacking District on a Thursday. Why? Because you're probably going to have seven of them. It is National Margarita Day, after all. You should also know I'm two margaritas deep while writing this because being festive is something I'm really good at. So please pardon any spelling errors as I'm trying to get this post to go LIVE before 4pm when you all will be looking for a HH spot to celebrate this monumental day. 

1. Ofrenda 

West Village 113 7th Ave South


I love this place. Inside is cozy and adorable and the food is authentic AF. $7 traditional margarita and $8 spicy margarita at happy hour with the option to add a fun flavor. What more could one want!?


2. Blockheads

Multiple Locations: East Village, Midtown East, UES, Midtown West, UWS


So many locations. So cheap. So delicious. $6 for a frozen margarita. AND $3 AT HAPPY HOUR. WHAT!? As a college kid, this place was my dream. Actually, it still is. Fun fact: Benny's Burrito's is the sister restaurant! 


3. Las Margaritas

Astoria 38-01 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11103


This is my go-to spot since it's walking distance from our apartment. Their happy hour prices are insane. $4.50 per margarita, (regular or frozen) they have SO many exciting flavors to choose from (coconut and banana are my favorite), and their margaritas are delicious and STRONG. Sometimes I find with a good happy hour comes a watered down drink. Rude. Three of these babies and I'm fully drunk. *shrugs*


4. Dos Caminos

Multiple Locations: Meatpacking, Park Ave, Soho, Third Ave, Times Square


Dos Caminos gets a bad rap because it's a chain and people like to scoff at chains. I certainly do not because with chains often comes consistency and that's something I'm a huge fan of. Their happy hour can be crowded, but there's a reason for it: $8 regular or frozen margaritas and a great list of HH snacks/apps, too! Points for having the freshest guac to accompany their margs! 


Midtown East 920 2nd Ave


This place is so cute and festive. I felt like I found a serious gem when I stepped out of the madness of 2nd Ave and into this little homey spot. $7 regular or frozen margaritas at happy hour, and usually an open spot at the bar! Perfect for a girly date in midtown after shopping at Bloomies. 


Have a favorite place with an amazing happy hour that you recommend? Leave me a comment so I can check it out! Margaritas aren't just for National Margarita Day, of course. 

With Love,