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FEATURING Arbonne Consultant, McKenna O'Keefe


"Arbonne transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others."


My cousin McKenna recently started working for Arbonne (free samples for me, yay!) so of course I wanted to support her by purchasing some products, but I also didn't know much about the background of the company or what they're all about SO I made a note to reach back out to her once I started to try everything out if I really liked it. (I never promote or feature anything I don't myself enjoy using!) I've been applying the lightweight daytime moisturizer in the morning, using the clay face mask, cleanser, and nighttime moisturizer before bed, and the body scrub in the shower for starters for over two weeks now and I truly love all of it so much. I thought it would be a great idea to share (via McKenna) some information about Arbonne in case anyone else is interested in a new skincare/wellness regimen for themselves! 


Dani: What inspired you to start working as an Arbonne consultant?

McKenna: I started my own Arbonne business just to have some extra spending money during college but it quickly became SO much more than that! Not only is it an extra source of income, but I get to help people feel more beautiful, which I didn’t realize is such a serious passion of mine until now. My resolutions this year were to travel more and to put more time into taking care of myself, paying extra attention to my overall body and health. Arbonne is allowing me to do all of that and more.


Dani: So tell me a little bit about Arbonne as a company. 

McKenna: Arbonne is a Swiss based health and beauty company that was developed 38 years ago, promoting pure, safe, and beneficial products. Arbonne products are offered in seven different countries worldwide, now with over 400 products that range from skin care and cosmetics to nutrition. 



Dani: Speaking of products… Why choose Arbonne? What makes these products different? 

McKenna: What makes Arbonne different than any other product line currently on the market is that it is botanically based. That means no artificial colors, fragrances, sweeteners or flavors. That means everything is soy, dairy, and gluten free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan certified. Animal lovers, not to worry, Arbonne is also cruelty free. There are NO harsh chemicals or toxins and especially NO mineral oil in any of Arbonne’s products. Mineral oil is the by product of crude oil after it is processed for planes, trains and automobiles. Oil companies sell it to many cosmetics companies because it is easier to do this than to dispose of it as safely as they are required to. Mineral oil is one of the first three ingredients in 98% of the beauty products on the market. It is a toxin and carcinogen. Arbonne uses essential oils instead of mineral oils, so the products are concentrated and natural.


Dani: Have you personally switched your entire skincare routine over to Arbonne? 

McKenna: Yes!!! And I’ve never been happier with my skin or prouder of myself for choosing a brand that cares about my overall health, too. Before heading out for the day, the average person uses 10-15 personal care products, and the next day, does it all over again! Wouldn’t you want to know you’re treating yourself and the earth more kindly by using products that are pure, safe, and not filled with chemicals? I sure do. The switch was easy for me. 


Dani: How does the consulting portion work for anyone thinking about starting their own Arbonne business? How do you get paid? 

McKenna: Arbonne consultants like me work as independent home-based businesses. We earn money through the retail sales of products to customers, and commissions for helping new consultants develop their business. Of course there are bonuses, too! There are no physical Arbonne stores, everything is completely virtual. This means you can get the majority of your work done from the comfort of your own home (even in your pajamas). Arbonne provides ongoing training to consultants to help them reach their personal goals. This business can be done alongside your current profession because you are your own boss! At the end of each month, your paycheck will reflect however much time and dedication you invest into your Arbonne business. Anyone has to potential to excel in this network-marketing business. Last but definitely not least is the people you will meet through doing Arbonne. This company is run by driven, motivated, passionate individuals. It’s an inspiring atmosphere and I would love to help anyone interested in getting started!


Dani: I'm sold! So how do I get my hands on some more Arbonne!?

McKenna: Click here to browse my collection and purchase products through me as your consultant. I'll hold your hand through every step of the process and make sure you're getting the right formulas to match your skin type and individual needs. 


Hope you learned a little something new today. I know I did!!! Look out for our Arbonne giveaway happening within the next few days and make sure you enter for your chance to win some free full-size products! XO

written by: Danielle DeSantis 

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