10 NYC 2-for-1 Fitness Intro Deals


...So you can break a sweat

without breaking the bank.


By: Danielle DeSantis 

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A lot of you have been asking me about my workout routine lately, and I'm happy to share! Yay for my first fitness related post! Typically in the span of a week, I try my best to get to 2 small group training classes (for this I go to Simply Fit Astoria, which I'll talk about later on in this post) as well as 2-3 group classes (currently loving Barry's Bootcamp, Soul Cycle, Rumble Boxing and New York Pilates just to name a few) for a total of 4-5 workouts per week. I hate working out by myself, and I have no membership to a regular "gym" so I really rely on the amazing variety of classes that are offered in and around the city. 

BUT it's no secret that it’s hard out here for us who also have rent and bills to pay. With these group fitness classes climbing to an all time high, some as expensive as $40 a pop, I find myself searching high and low for the best deals. Since warm weather is upon us (and because I'm not a big fan of ClassPass), I’ve rounded up 10 studios in NYC offering amazing intro deals to new clients so we can all get our bikini bodies ready in time for summer without going broke in the process. :)


1. Rumble boxing

Flatiron and Noho 

Rumble has quickly become a staple for kickboxing lovers around here. Rumble features 10 rounds of high intensity drills with half the class on the floor and the other half on the bag (very Barry’s-esque setup) in a dark, pumped up hip-hop environment. They currently offer 2 classes for $34 for people who are brand new. Both classes expire 30 days from purchase date, but chances are you’ll only need a week as I've found Rumble is pretty addictive. ;)


2. city row

Union Square and UES

City Row is a class combining cardio and vinyasa yoga while utilizing water-based rowing machines. They offer new members 2 classes for $32. They’ll add a class to your account once you book the first class, but you need to take that second class within 7 days of purchasing the first.


3. Switch Playground 

E. 12th Street and Soho 

Switch Playground is a new creative workout concept which incorporates playground-like activities into numerous stations (20 of them) during their group fitness workouts. If you enjoy circuit training, you will love this concept. Switch does an intro offer of 2 classes for $35 for new clients and those 2 classes don’t expire for 2 months. 


4. ave a pilates

130 E 7th St Suite 1, New York, NY

Reformer pilates is a big deal right now. It focuses on the core while increasing flexibility using a pilates reformer machine and is generally more intense than a mat based pilates class. Ave A Pilates has an “all levels” class as well as a “fast paced” express class to appeal to beginners and advanced reformer users alike. They currently offer a 3-for-1 intro deal to new clients for $45 (normally $36 per class) which is valid for one month from purchase. 

5. Simply Fit Astoria

37-20 Astoria Blvd S, Astoria, NY

Simply Fit is a boutique fitness facility with a wide variety of classes but best known for their aerobics, cycle, and sculpting workouts. Lisa is the hands-on owner you’re likely to meet as soon as you walk in. She takes an insane amount of pride in the studio and teaches classes daily, so be prepared to get your ass kicked if you sign up for anything with her. Currently, I do small group training with her and two girlfriends twice a week. SFA offers an intro package of 2 group fitness classes for $28 as long as you use both within one month of purchase.


6. soul cycle

Multiple NYC locations 

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Soul Cycle, the revolutionary indoor cycling facility that has taken the fitness industry by storm. Despite it’s massive success and integration throughout the US with 85 locations, they’re still offering an intro package. When you pay $34 for your first class as a new client, you get another one for free.


7. anya

49 West 24th St 8th Floor New York, NY

Have you ever dreamed of being upside down, wrapped in fabric and suspended from the ceiling? A unique wellness and fitness studio, ANYA offers an intro package of one week (7 days) of unlimited group classes for just $60 to new students interested in trying out their version of yoga, pilates, or best of all, aerial yoga. Dying to try it!


8. flywheel

Multiple NYC locations

It’s not a 2-for-1 deal, but I think it’s still important to know that Flywheel, another experiential spinning class with many studio locations throughout the city, offers a $15 class to new clients, valid for 2 weeks from purchase. 


9. tone house

Multiple NYC locations

Tone House is a group fitness studio geared towards athletes (or those who fantasize about being professional athletes) that focuses on mostly high intensity sports drills. They offer a “Rookie Pass” for new clients, which is essentially a 2-for-1 deal priced at $40, expiring 14 days from purchase. 

1o. warrior fitness boot camp

240 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp based in Brooklyn has an intro offer which allows new clients to book 3 classes for $60 (a regular class is $34) and uses Marine Corps techniques, training, and trainers to whip you into shape with every workout you probably hate. Burpees, box jumps, and obstacle courses are the norm. Word on the street is that it's pretty intense. 


And there you have it. Hopefully you found yourself excited or intrigued by at least one thing on this list! Let me know if you ever want to go to a class, it helps with accountability to schedule a fit-date with a friend. 

Let's go work hard for those summer bodies, baby!

XO, Dani